Welcome to season two of Down River Road! In the first episode of this new season, after a year and a half of planning, and replanning Nikki has gathered five local brewers. Alex from Square Brew, Jesse & Phil from Jobsite Brewing Co., Rick from Caps Off Brewing Co., and of course, River Road’s very own David. These five brewers discuss the hops, the barley and the ugly; how they got started, what they love, what they hate, misconceptions and more. They share beer, empty some glasses, and only roast each other on occasion.




Looking to find out more about these local brewers? Find their websites below!

Caps Off Brewing Co.: https://capsoffbrewing.com

Square Brew: http://www.squarebrewco.com

Jobsite Brewing Co.:https://www.jobsitebrewing.ca

River Road Brewing and Hops: https://www.riverroadbrewing.com