Its a hot one out there...thats for sure. Thank goodness the summer weather has finally arrived....and hopefully with that, the patios will soon be able to open. In the meantime, grab yourself a six pack of ZESTY FARMER from the brewery retail store, kick back pool side or watch the latest episode of Our Brewery Farm life. (Link in bio or below)
Also available in cans .....Blind Descent Stout. The perfect campfire beer!!
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Just because you can't sit on our patio, doesn't mean you can't enjoy some delicious Grassroots Pizza to go with your River Road Beer. Come today and get some take away pizza, to go with your curbside beer.....and guess what....ZESTY FARMER is back on tap for growler fills. Happy May long weekend everyone.
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Ahh.....the life of a duck. Our next episode of Our Brewery Farm Life is now available on YouTube (link in bio). What better way to kick off the long weekend. We wish you could stay for a pint but why not bring your pint home and tune in. It's the next best thing.
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Don't forget that Grassroots will be here on Sunday for take home pizza to go with you take home beer. What a great way to kick off the summer.
Please note that due to lockdown restrictions, it is takeout only. Our patio is closed at the moment. We can not wait till we can reopen it......but in the meantime........grab your beer, grab your pizza and enjoy your long weekend relaxing in the sun!!
Cheers friends!
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New label alert. Rule the pool has a fresh new look and now we have lots of great spots for you to grab some.
Available in our retail space, website ( as well as @bayfieldfarmersmarket @grandbendvillagefm @blythcommunitymarket
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I know it's double late, but better late than never. While we navigate this next session of lockdown, tune into our YouTube channel, "OUR BREWERY FARM LIFE" and enjoy this week's episode to learn what's happening on the farm and in the brewery.
Link in Bio and below.
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We get all sorts of visitors at River Road.
This giant snapping turtle makes his way from our pond to the Bayfield River every spring. We look forward to these chance encounters. See you in the fall buddy.
Don't forget to stop in to the brewery to grab your beers for the weekend, and a possible spotting of this guy heading across the field to his summer retreat.
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From all of us at River Road to all of you, we wish you a Happy Easter Weekend!!
We are open until 4 today and closed tomorrow.
Make sure to try out our new Session IPA - TrHOPical Feeling. 3.8%.
Check out our latest Our Brewery Farm Life just in time for Easter.
Link below and in bio.
Check out for items like our new chicken and lots of other really cool stuff.
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Here we go again......another lockdown. 🥴
Don't let that scare you away though, our retail space will remain open for you to come grab your favorite River Road Beers to go, some awsome brewery swag and of course to say hello.
We will also be offering free local delivery every Wednesday while we remain in lockdown or you can check out our website. where you can order online for pickup or delivery.
Our hours of business are posted on our website.
Stay strong everyone.
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It Holly and Hellboy's birthday!! Hard to believe that a year has passed since we welcomed the first calves to be born on our farm. Its been a year of adventures with these two, that's for sure.
Why Highland cows? Why cows at all? We have always loved the breed and they fit right in to what our farm has for space and character. Our cows are employees of River Road. They have a job. When we are finished brewing, we are left with "spent grain" which they happen to love to eat. These cows help with the sustainability of our farm by making sure there is little waste and by producing manure to fertilize our fields with. Happy Birthday Holly and Hellboy. We can't wait to see what this next year brings.
Check out episode 15 of "Our Brewery Farm Life" to see all the fun that is happening on the farm this past week. Don't forget to share with your friends and subscribe so that you can be notified of future episodes.
Link below and in bio
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That moment you realize your doing it!! It's precious, it's priceless, it's what keeps us going.
Being a farmer was a dream. I've always loved animals. I wasn't raised on a farm but my parents realized my passion for animals at a young age and did what they could to feed that need. So I spent a lot of time in barns, at horse camps, and so on. Always wanting more.
When we finally bought a farm, I was extatic. We put a lot of hard work, sweat and tears into making it what it is today. The realization that I'm there, we are doing everything we set out to do. Creating a sustainable farm based brewery is a huge accomplishment. It hasn't been easy.....but here we are. Last year we welcomed our first calves born on the farm, and now our first set of lambs.
What's next? Who knows.....but whatever it is, it will be a joy and worth it.
Work hard and dreams do come true.
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Over 1000 Subscribers!!! A milestone reached. Thank you to all that tune in and support past present and future. We hope you enjoy this week's episode. It takes time to make these little snippits, but it's a joy to do. A creative outlet if you will. The kind words of support and encouragement that we receive make it all worth while. So much to do and see at our little farm based brewery and we are excited to share it all with you.
Link below and in the bio.
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Why Sheep you ask? Generally when you hear brewery sheep aren't the first thing that come to mind. When you run a farm based brewery however, sheep are a great addition. Our sheep are working sheep and are used in the summer to help keep the weeds under control in the hop yard. With the addition of a few rams.....we have new lambs on the way as well.....future employees of River Road.
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The newest beer in the River Road lineup......TrHOPical Feelings! A dry Hopped session IPA. Grab a 6 pack and tune into the newest episode of Our Brewery Farm Life. Link below and in bio....
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It's International Womens day!!
Today we celebrate women across the board.
Today I celebrate the women who I look up to, the women that lift me up when I'm down and are straight with me, the women who understand and the women who are trying to make it work, the women who are powerful and help to guide me and women I help to guide. It takes a village and I am lucky to have a village of women who are empowering, kind and thoughtful.
So raise your glass to these women in your life. Cheers to them, cheers to you, and cheers to me.
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Finally!!! I took a few weeks off of filming to regroup, and reorganize my thoughts. Finally, the next episode of Our Brewery Farm Life is available. It's been a strange few weeks as we got ready to reopen the patio and start again. We are so looking forward to see you all again as you enjoy a pint and relax in the sun. Check it out.
Link in the bio and below.
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At River Road, we are committed to providing opportunities for growth and learning in a safe and fun environment. If you are interested in a career in the craft beer industry, please contact us with your resume.
We are excited for what we hope to be another busy season. Be a part of our team. Apply now.
[email protected]
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It's a beautiful winter day out there and our patio is finally open.
Bundle up, bring a blanket and cozy up to a fire on the patio or enjoy our individual huts.
We may have limited indoor seating (first come) but our outdoor seating is a plenty.
New addition.....snowmobile parking!!
#winterwonderland #ontariocraftbeer #snowmobiles

The Canadian Scot! A scotch ale with a Canadian twist.
We added some fresh maple syrup from Bayfield Maple to give this beer some maple-y back notes.
Slàinte Mhath, eh!
Available this weekend at @riverroadbrewing
#ontariocraftbeer #winterwonderland #ourbreweryfarmlife #newbeeralert

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Happy valentines day 💓!!
We hope you are able to celebrate with someone you love today but if not it doesn't have to be today. Celebrate those you love every day. We are celebrating with pint of Canadian Scot (scotch ale with @bayfieldmaple maple syrup) River Roads newest beer.
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Our little/not so little Bayfield Bridge is starting to come together......and it looks awsome.
Check out the next episode of Our Brewery Farm Life for a sneak peek of the first arch going in.....among other things.
Link in Bio or below
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For those of you that were regulars....I'm sure you remember Gracie!! She misses you.
While we wait for this lockdown to be over with, for things to go back to normal, to see your smiling faces again.....we create.
We have been working on some new recipes that will be coming soon. So stay tuned.
In the meantime, check out the latest addition of "our Brewery Farm Life", where we tackle canning, say goodbye to a barn friend and a few other fun things around the farm.
Link also in the bio

And another canning day wrapping up. RULE THE POOL PALE ALE will be back in the fridge tomorrow. Canning days are busy....but when they are done.....that sense of a job well done is worth it and of course your smiling faces make our day. Come grab yours Thursday through Sunday. Curb side available as well as on our website for our out of towners.

After a crazy few weeks of ups and downs all is finally ready. A day like today is perfect to grab a warm drink or a beer, kick back and watch the next episode of Our Brewery Farm Life at River Road Brewing and Hops. Make sure to share with your friends.
Link is below or in our bio
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